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Thu, Oct. 29th, 2009, 08:34 pm
zulugun: Hm..

I know this place is probably long dead by now, but it's one of the only FF rp place I can find. Maybe I can find someone here.

I am looking for someone to RP FF VII with me. Preferrably a Cloud, though a few other characters would be fun too. I <3 to rp Tifa, so it would take a little bit of convincing for me to change my character, but it wouldn't be too hard. I'm up for about anything right now. Only M/F though, sorry, I don't do yaoi or that kind of stuff. I have no issue with it, I just don't swing that way, so my romance rp's wouldn't be as good.

I write around 1000 words per post, give or take. Also, if you're looking for a site to join...


A FF VII & FF VIII RP site with only 3 taken characters right now, which are Tifa and Cloud. Our Yuffie is no longer active, so she is up for grabs as well. Don't mind the reserved list. ALL dead characters can come back, including Zack & Aerith. So please stop by a check us out. <3

Again, if you want a onexone, send me a pm or something so we can get it poppin.

PS: I like for my rp friends and I to be well, friends, ya know. I enjoy getting to know the people I RP with!

Tifa // ZuluGun <3

Fri, Jan. 21st, 2011 02:49 am (UTC)
(Anonymous): Anyone?

I've been looking for a reason to re-enter rp. Haven't found the appropriate sort of people to convince me as of yet. Perhaps anyone here could?