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Thu, Jun. 18th, 2009, 12:23 pm
cloudstrife11: New FFVII Website

A New Final Fantasy VII website has opened!


SOLDIER Unlimited is a website for those who are fans of FFVII, whether yaoi or just a general fan. The Site offers a wide range of things to do, Chat with other members, view videos, pictures, upload your own and catch up. SOLDIER Unlimited also allows the oppotunity to roleplay even a FFVII character, or if you have a own character you very much adore, you can join them in! Interested? More Information under the cut! If you just want to join straight away the website address is just below! Hope to see you there!

SOLDIER Unlimited offers the unique chance to those who adore role playing, or just infatuated with a character, to become that character on this new website! The rare, Team system allows you to join a specific team and work with other fans to complete missions. There are five seperate teams to join, all having a team leader, all having a group of followers. Some will be from the series and others characters created by members! But the roleplaying doesn't stop there.

Each Team will have missions to complete within a certain Time limit, and for each mission accepted the Team will earn respect points which they can purchase a town, City or village of your teams choice. You can be tactful, claiming a certain town for a specific reason or just because you like the place. Even if you do claim the town though, it can be taken away by another team! It's the battle of wills and there will be fighting between characters. You must remember, The Team known as Unity, the pure Heroes, is on the watch.

Of course, each team has a different motive, which are explained on the wbesite. Will you fight for good? Or for the darkness? Here are the Teams!






Many characters are still available to claim!

SOLDIER Unllimited also has it's wide range of chat, videos, news and images which members can upload themselves , giving them a form of independance on the site. You don't have to role play on this site either, just join and have a browse around, upload videos and pictures, having your own character isn't a must.

The Site was built for a specific reason, not many sites allows yaoi fans to chat and gather, enjoying the live chat  and allowing them to meet other Yaoi fans. Of course, it's still new but is being built up by Myself, Cloud Strife and my partner SKJYCB. We hope to see you soon and thanks for taking a small form of interest.

Thanks for Reading and Hope To See You There! *waves*